December 10       Christmas – The Real Meaning Tom Lajiness

I grew up with four brothers.  As you can imagine things were always hectic around our house. During Christmas things became even worse with anticipation of presents, food, and all the family events.  So Mom and Dad would send us off to the movies the day before to settle us down, it never worked.  Continue reading “December 10       Christmas – The Real Meaning Tom Lajiness”

Everlasting Father

Jesus, the Christ Child, is also “Everlasting Father”. How can it be that this little child was also ‘Father of Eternal Life’ for all who believe? The Father and the Son are One, together with the Spirit. It’s a paradox! It boggles the mind, yet the Scriptures make it clear that He existed before creation! “ChristContinue reading “Everlasting Father”