Your Legacy Starts TODAY! A Tribute…

How do you want to be remembered? Most of us would love to be remembered as a good person, one who lived life ‘the right way’, one whom people respect, etc. Some of us would like to be remembered as Christians, most importantly. In other words, speaking for myself, I want everyone who comes inContinue reading “Your Legacy Starts TODAY! A Tribute…”

The Christian and the Politician

America. Land of the free, home of the brave. Great Land of liberty, of Thee I sing. God, bless America. In the past, it has been possible–even encouraged–to be a Christian–a biblical, evangelical, committed Christian–in America. In the relatively recent past, even those Americans who were not ‘overtly religious’ were open to and welcomed theContinue reading “The Christian and the Politician”

December 13               What a Glorious Night! Pastor Dave

What a night that must have been! Shepherds, minding their own business in the dark, watching over their sheep on a hillside outside of Bethlehem. Suddenly the night sky is lit up by an Angel from God! They had to be shaken! But the Angel had not come to bring them to fear, but toContinue reading “December 13               What a Glorious Night! Pastor Dave”