Now, Go! Now, Shine!

As I’ve written, our world is in a bit of turmoil, with no sign of it getting better. In fact, it may even get worse! So, how should we respond? Well, as I’ve written recently, the first thing to do is to go to God and submit to Him, repenting of our sins and lifestyleContinue reading “Now, Go! Now, Shine!”

Prayer and Fasting #3–Are You Thirsty?

Have you ever been really thirsty? Maybe after a round of Basketball in the driveway, or after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day? What do you do? When I was a kid I’d play basketball almost all summer long at my friend Rob’s house. Afterward, we’d go in and have an ice-cold MountainContinue reading “Prayer and Fasting #3–Are You Thirsty?”

Prayer and Fasting #2–If His People…

Whenever God called for a time of Prayer and Fasting, it was often because His people had gotten ‘off track’. They had taken Him for granted, and had done the very things He’d told them not to do. Sometimes this involved intermarriage with people of different religious and cultural backgrounds (thereby weakening the family’s SpiritualContinue reading “Prayer and Fasting #2–If His People…”

What are YOU Looking at?

Have you ever been ‘locked in a good stare’? Your brain may be elsewhere, but you’re staring at…nothing in particular? My kids and I were talking about that the other day, and how…occasionally…the object that you’re absent-mindedly staring at…is another person! When you finally realize it, you may have already locked eyes…how awkward and embarrassing!Continue reading “What are YOU Looking at?”