December 15           A Messed Up Family Tree Pastor Dave

Jesus. Son of God. Savior of the World. Messiah. You could not get any more perfect than that! However, you also know this is true: Jesus. Son of Man. Son of Mary. Imperfect ancestry. Human. When you look into Jesus ancestry (Matthew, ch. 1), you see some ‘messiness’. You see Jacob, who cheated and deceivedContinue reading “December 15           A Messed Up Family Tree Pastor Dave”

Wonderful Counselor!

We know from the Scriptures that Jesus–the Christ child–was the Son of God. But who is He…in your life? How has He shown Himself? For many of us, He is our Savior–the One who took the penalty for our sins and gave Himself in our place, so that the debt is “Paid In Full”! HeContinue reading “Wonderful Counselor!”