YOUR Motivation For Living

WHY? That is one question that we all answer, every day…although sometimes unconsciously. WHY do you do What you do? Simon Sinek wrote an excellent book about this, Start With Why, and the premise is simple: If you’re going to lead people well, (including yourself) you need to…’start with Why’? Why should I do what youContinue reading “YOUR Motivation For Living”

December 15           A Messed Up Family Tree Pastor Dave

Jesus. Son of God. Savior of the World. Messiah. You could not get any more perfect than that! However, you also know this is true: Jesus. Son of Man. Son of Mary. Imperfect ancestry. Human. When you look into Jesus ancestry (Matthew, ch. 1), you see some ‘messiness’. You see Jacob, who cheated and deceivedContinue reading “December 15           A Messed Up Family Tree Pastor Dave”


When He came, Jesus brought several things to this world: Peace Meaning Direction Healing Redemption Power …and because He offers us of all these things, He also brings us JOY! JOY–(According to the World English Dictionary) A deep feeling or condition of contentment or happiness. The Source of happiness and contentment An outward show ofContinue reading “JOY!”