December 1st                       Merry Christmas! Pastor Dave

One thing our family likes to do—after Thanksgiving—is to ‘immerse’ ourselves in Christmas stuff. We listen to Christmas music, put up the decorations, get out our Christmas devotional books, start making cookies, and so on. One of the things we like best is to sit around and watch Christmas movies. I have several favorites: TheContinue reading “December 1st                       Merry Christmas! Pastor Dave”

What’s It All About?

If you ask 10 people on the street what Christmas is all about, you’d probably get answers like this: “It’s about the children”, “It’s about giving”, “It’s about love”, “It’s about family”. Some, in their more unguarded moments, might say “It’s about the presents!” While some of these things are very good, and all ofContinue reading “What’s It All About?”

Gone Commercial!

In the Christmas Classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, the main character, Charlie, is having a tough time figuring out what Christmas is all about. He gets very little help from his trusty dog, Snoopy, who finds a “Super-Colossal Lights and Decorating Contest’ to enter. Snoopy wants to win “money, money, money”, and who can blameContinue reading “Gone Commercial!”