Overcoming Fear

FEAR: It’s one thing that pretty much every one of us has dealt with in our lives. For some, it’s fear of scary things, some have fear of snakes, others of things that go ‘bump’ in the night (especially if you’ve watched a scary movie. Those fears, however, are pretty trivial. They’re not the kind […]

The Best Use of Our Freedom

Freedom. Liberty. Independence. These are some of the values that this country was founded on. They were some of the dreams that our Founders had back in 1776 when they signed the Declaration of Independence. Yet, it wasn’t simply ‘freedom to do whatever I want’. That kind of freedom, if followed to it’s end, would […]

Have you ‘Arrived’?

What is Your standard for ‘success‘? How do you know if you’ve reached it? That depends, of course, on the place you’re evaluating. This week, the Golden State Warriors reached a level of ‘success’ that relatively few teams have…they became NBA Champions! In contrast, a certain NFL Football team with the colors of ‘Honolulu Blue […]

Where Does This Road Lead?

As I sit here in Bigby Coffee on Wednesday, June 14 in the morning, the news is pretty dark… A High rise in London burns, with scores of potential victims… World markets teeter ever closer to a ‘bubble’ that may be economically devastating… The threat of terrorism, mostly from radical Islamic believers seems ever more […]

The Storms are Raging!

Oh. My. Goodness! As I sit here on a Friday afternoon I take a quick look at the news headlines: Politically, there are Special Prosecutors, accusations of double standards against President Trump, accusations of Double standards in favor of the President, Democrats against Republicans…Immigration…Economy…Taxes…you get the idea. In other news, there’s graphic video of the […]

Passionate…for What?

Passion…the ‘zest’ in life, the energy behind what we do, the ‘umph’ to get us up and pursuing something when it’s not convenient. If you have Passion for something, you will ‘go after it‘. You will dedicate yourself to pursuing it. Oftentimes, our ‘passions’ are for things like goals–a degree, a level of income, an […]

Playing for the Wrong Audience

The Wrong Tune… There’s a great scene in the old Blues Brothers movie (John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd) where they ‘substitute themselves’ for the band which has been scheduled at a rough country bar. They come out with their typical (and great, imo) ‘blues’ intro and are greeted by…crickets. Nothing. No welcome, no applause. It […]