Does God Really Love Us?

We often hear, and often say, ‘God Loves You’! Do we really believe it? Seriously…do you? Are you CONVINCED that God love you? Here’s why I ask: I grew up believing in God, but honestly, not really believing that He cared all that much about me–Dave–as a person. I certainly did not operate my lifeContinue reading “Does God Really Love Us?”

Faith…REAL Faith!

Faith. Many talk about it. Many say they have it. We are exhorted to ‘have faith’ when things aren’t going our way, almost as if it’s synonymous with being optimistic. That may be nice, but that’s not “FAITH”–not Biblical Faith anyway. Faith is “the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not yetContinue reading “Faith…REAL Faith!”

Brain Change?

Is it possible to have a ‘brain change’? I know that some people might think at times that others have had a ‘lobotomy’,  but they usually say that in jest, and that’s not the ‘brain change’ that I’m talking about.   In all seriousness, I’m wondering whether or not God can change my brain. CanContinue reading “Brain Change?”

Let’s Go! The Journey begins…

There’s something about a countdown… One of my favorite movies is Apollo 13…and there’s a great countdown here: Pretty intense! But it’s not just in Spaceships…there’s Nascar, there’s anticipation of the first pitch in baseball, the opening kickoff in football, the anticipation of the initial faceoff in hockey. At those moments, you’re almost holding yourContinue reading “Let’s Go! The Journey begins…”