The REAL Solution

There are a lot of difficult things going on in our world. Baltimore: Protests, Riots, Accusations of Police Brutality and ‘Thuggery’. Washington, D.C.: Supreme Court decisions re: Marriage; Corruption in politics at the highest levels. Middle East and Africa: The ‘Islamic State’ and it’s partners taking a ‘convert or die’ message out to the masses.Continue reading “The REAL Solution”

Worshiping at the Wrong Altar

Worship: ” (N): reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred; (V): to render religious reverence and homage to, to feel an adoring reverence or regard for”. ( Who, or What, do you worship? Everyone ‘worships’ something or someone. Many ‘worship’ God. Some ‘worship’ and pay homage to someContinue reading “Worshiping at the Wrong Altar”

Brain Change?

Is it possible to have a ‘brain change’? I know that some people might think at times that others have had a ‘lobotomy’,  but they usually say that in jest, and that’s not the ‘brain change’ that I’m talking about.   In all seriousness, I’m wondering whether or not God can change my brain. CanContinue reading “Brain Change?”

Why do we call THIS ‘Good’?

You can picture it. Three crosses on a hillside, the middle one holding Jesus the Nazarene, son of Joseph and Mary. He’d been beaten beyond recognition, whipped. A ‘crown’ made of thorns had been thrust onto His head, and He’d been marched through the streets, outside the city, and up the hill. Then He’d beenContinue reading “Why do we call THIS ‘Good’?”

The Calm Before the Storm

A nice spring day…warm breezes, birds chirping, plants that have appeared as dead seemingly coming back to life. All is nice, all is serene, all is calm. So nice, in fact, that you decide to eat outdoors…then you lay down in the sunshine and doze, ‘just for a minute’. Suddenly BOOM! Thunder wakes you up!Continue reading “The Calm Before the Storm”

Can’t Complain…

“How are you?” That phrase is used many times per day in polite conversation. It’s a greeting that many say, without even thinking. What are the appropriate responses? “Fine”, “Well”, or…one a lot of people use, “Can’t Complain”. This morning when I was at my favorite coffee shop (Bigby Coffee on Stadium Drive), I asked theContinue reading “Can’t Complain…”

Invest Wisely! (Matthew 6:19-24)

Do you have financial goals? Are you doing anything with your money?   Many people in our culture are blessed to have Retirement Plans, whether they’re 401-k’s or 403-b’s, Roth IRA’s, etc. Most are looking toward ‘retirement’. They are hoping to be able to travel or simply enjoy  ‘The Good Life’. …but how much isContinue reading “Invest Wisely! (Matthew 6:19-24)”

What are YOU Looking at?

Have you ever been ‘locked in a good stare’? Your brain may be elsewhere, but you’re staring at…nothing in particular? My kids and I were talking about that the other day, and how…occasionally…the object that you’re absent-mindedly staring at…is another person! When you finally realize it, you may have already locked eyes…how awkward and embarrassing!Continue reading “What are YOU Looking at?”

Show Off! (Matthew 6:1-18)

When you’re a kid and you learn something new, what do you do? You show off! Riding a bike for the first time without training wheels, learning to ride a bike with no hands, learning to dunk the basketball…all are things we ‘show off’! (ok, that last one is just ‘theoretical’–I wouldn’t know.) But whenContinue reading “Show Off! (Matthew 6:1-18)”