Generations                          December 18 Brian Drews

God is working, often behind the scenes.  If you’re not paying close attention, you might not even realize He’s there. I consider myself blessed to have many sweet childhood memories of spending the holidays with extended family at my Grandma & Grandpa’s house.  So many aunts & uncles and cousins, all playing games, laughing, enjoyingContinue reading “Generations                          December 18 Brian Drews”

Avoid ‘Present Panic’!                  Pastor Dave December 17

As of today, there are only 8 more days until Christmas. That means many people are starting to get trapped in ‘Present Panic’! Many have not done anywhere near the amount of shopping they planned to, and will try to pull off a couple of ‘marathon sessions’ over the next several days—especially this weekend—in orderContinue reading “Avoid ‘Present Panic’!                  Pastor Dave December 17”

December 16                         There is more Emily Johnson

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a huge Christmas lover! Sometimes I begin listening to Christmas music in August, I get out my tree right after Halloween, and I have seen just about every Christmas movie there is. I have owned countless ugly Christmas sweaters throughout my lifetime. If this isn’t bigContinue reading “December 16                         There is more Emily Johnson”

December 15           A Messed Up Family Tree Pastor Dave

Jesus. Son of God. Savior of the World. Messiah. You could not get any more perfect than that! However, you also know this is true: Jesus. Son of Man. Son of Mary. Imperfect ancestry. Human. When you look into Jesus ancestry (Matthew, ch. 1), you see some ‘messiness’. You see Jacob, who cheated and deceivedContinue reading “December 15           A Messed Up Family Tree Pastor Dave”

December 14              Christmas “Time”                   Nicole Perry              

Winter in general often brings vivid memories of my mother. She really seemed to exude more joy around that time of year than any other. Her birthday was in late December and she delighted it fell so near Christmas. Her favorite bird was the cardinal, and she often marveled when she caught a glimpse ofContinue reading “December 14              Christmas “Time”                   Nicole Perry              “

December 13               What a Glorious Night! Pastor Dave

What a night that must have been! Shepherds, minding their own business in the dark, watching over their sheep on a hillside outside of Bethlehem. Suddenly the night sky is lit up by an Angel from God! They had to be shaken! But the Angel had not come to bring them to fear, but toContinue reading “December 13               What a Glorious Night! Pastor Dave”

December 12              Jesus and Tiny Tim Fred Langeland

Christmas is such a nice time of year.  Nice music.  Nice decorations.  Nice family gatherings.  Nice Black Friday shopping . . . well, scratch that one.  But seriously, isn’t it all just really “nice”?   Some of us grew up going to “nice” church.  Nice families (or at least they acted that way at church),Continue reading “December 12              Jesus and Tiny Tim Fred Langeland”

December 11  CELEBRATE!  Love Came Down!                (Pastor Dave)       

Merry Christmas! I love this season, partly because I like to think back and imagine what it must have been like to be part of the ‘Story’. What a day that must have been–to realize that the Savior of the World was born as a baby! Even more: The King of the Universe had becomeContinue reading “December 11  CELEBRATE!  Love Came Down!                (Pastor Dave)       “

December 10       Christmas – The Real Meaning Tom Lajiness

I grew up with four brothers.  As you can imagine things were always hectic around our house. During Christmas things became even worse with anticipation of presents, food, and all the family events.  So Mom and Dad would send us off to the movies the day before to settle us down, it never worked.  Continue reading “December 10       Christmas – The Real Meaning Tom Lajiness”

December 9                 Manna from Heaven Stephanie Bynum

My Grandma Ruth introduced me to Jesus before I could even walk. She loved Jesus more than anyone I have ever known, her faith was strong. Grandma Ruth loved to cook and bake almost as much as she loved Jesus.   Every year for Christmas she would sort through the recipes and ask me “WhichContinue reading “December 9                 Manna from Heaven Stephanie Bynum”