December 28             God’s Mysterious Plan Courtney Dunn

Isaiah 55: 8-9   8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. 9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.   I have always loved the Christmas song “Mary Did You Know?”. ItContinue reading “December 28             God’s Mysterious Plan Courtney Dunn”

December 27                     The Unexpected Gift Deb Price

Just like that, it was over. All the gifts from under the tree had been opened. The child sat staring at the tree skirt that was, only a few minutes ago, completely concealed by gifts. But now, the skirt was exposed, void of presents, emptied of promise. She had received everything she had asked forContinue reading “December 27                     The Unexpected Gift Deb Price”

December 26          Happy Day-After-Christmas!             Pastor Dave          

The day after Christmas. When I was little, it was just about the most depressing day of the year! After all the excitement, the presents, the Christmas Carols, the parties, the cookies, the movies and all the traditions, now…it’s over. Thud. Period. The end.   The thing is, IF Christmas was only about these things, then that wouldContinue reading “December 26          Happy Day-After-Christmas!             Pastor Dave          “

December 25               JOY to the WORLD! Pastor Dave

Joy! The Whole World—everyone in it, in all of history—all people everywhere—have reason for Joy today.   All of Creation—plants, animals, people—everything—has reason for Joy today.   Today we celebrate the birth of the Savior, the promised Messiah who would begin to put things right again, and eventually will make things perfect again—the way itContinue reading “December 25               JOY to the WORLD! Pastor Dave”

December 24                                     The Welcome… Pastor Dave

The Welcome…the feeling that you get when you arrive home after a long trip. That warm ‘good to be home’ feel when you arrive for a holiday visit. The ability you have to make another person feel valued—you are glad they’ve arrived! That warm smile, the hug, the ‘Welcome Mat’ which says “We are gladContinue reading “December 24                                     The Welcome… Pastor Dave”

December 23                  Mary’s Example Pastor Dave

Mary. A young woman, betrothed to Joseph. A righteous young woman who wanted to serve God. She was looking forward to marriage and a family, growing and raising her children with Joseph in their village of Nazareth. Suddenly she sees a vision. In fact, an angel comes to her and gives her amazing, disturbing news:Continue reading “December 23                  Mary’s Example Pastor Dave”

December 22–  The Evolution of Christmas Growing Up– Dan Sherman

It was in my early adolescent years that I became so familiar with my family’s Christmas tree ornaments putting them on the tree in my jammies. The familiar glass ornaments that only mom wanted to touch, the HUGE incandescent strings of lights that got super-hot to the touch, and those waxy candles I hated toContinue reading “December 22–  The Evolution of Christmas Growing Up– Dan Sherman”

December 21             THIS Is Christmas!                     Pastor Dave           

Well, here it is–Christmas week! A few days from now, it’ll all be over. I hope that you have your shopping done so you can enjoy your time with family, go to church, spend some time worshiping Jesus–the reason for the celebration! What is ‘Christmas’ after all? Tradition? Family? Presents? Songs and Movies? It hasContinue reading “December 21             THIS Is Christmas!                     Pastor Dave           “

December 20                Joseph’s Choice Pastor Dave

One person that often gets lost in the Christmas Story is Joseph. He was, by all accounts, an honorable and upright man who was devoutly devoted to God and the religious traditions of his people. He was one who was ‘doing it right’, and was seeking a young woman—Mary—to be his bride. He’d probably beenContinue reading “December 20                Joseph’s Choice Pastor Dave”

December 19            A Gift with a Promise Pastor Jeff

A lot of people get engaged on Christmas, or at least while celebrating Christmas.  The American Wedding Study from U.S. Brides magazine found 18 percent of all U.S. engagements happen for Christmas.  Sarah and I were one of those couples.  We were engaged on Christmas day in 2000.  I wasn’t very creative.  I didn’t goContinue reading “December 19            A Gift with a Promise Pastor Jeff”