Looking Backward, Moving Forward

Occasionally at church I need to walk though the Auditorium while the lights are off. It’s really dark in there, but if you’re careful, you can get just enough light from under the doors to guide yourself between the rows of chairs, up the aisle, around the stage, and out the other door. Walking forwardContinue reading “Looking Backward, Moving Forward”

‘Issues’, Grace, and the Love of God

I admit it: I have issues. I’m certain this is not a surprise to anyone, especially my family, but I need to say it ‘out loud’ and confess: I have things in my life which really trip me up and leave me feeling regret, guilt, and a desire to ‘do better’ in the future. TruthContinue reading “‘Issues’, Grace, and the Love of God”

Hope…Where’s It Come From?

Where does ‘peace’ come from for you? From what source do you find ‘joy’? Where do you get your ‘hope’? If it is anywhere except the Lord, you are asking for trouble! It will not last. It can’t.   The truth is that many of us find our peace, joy and hope in our circumstances.Continue reading “Hope…Where’s It Come From?”

As Far As It Depends on You…

Newsflash: There’s a LOT of conflict in our world! Between riots in Charlotte, NC, weekly violence in places like Chicago, Terrorism in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota…there is no shortage of violence. Police killing civilians, Civilians killing police, Citizens killing citizens…seems as though we hear a lot more about it now. Violence, as theyContinue reading “As Far As It Depends on You…”

Where Is The Love? (Warning!)

Warning: This post will leave some of you uncomfortable, and others will be offended. I am including a link to a video that uses a bad word, and will definitely step on toes (it did mine). I don’t share this video to say ‘The Black Eyed Peas have it all figured out’, they don’t. InContinue reading “Where Is The Love? (Warning!)”

Stand Up!

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran Pastor and Theologian in during the reign of Adolf Hitler. While many Pastors in his country were keeping silent, and ‘going along in order to get along’, he would not. He believed that it was the responsibility of those who knew Jesus to stand up to tyranny and oppression. HeContinue reading “Stand Up!”

Bust Through! (Part 2) The Ceiling!

The messages we are given by this world, by well-meaning family members or authority figures, even by fellow Christians can make it seem as though God could never do anything impactful through us. ‘You? Who are you? You’re nothing special!’ Those messages can get ingrained within us to the extent that, even when the WordContinue reading “Bust Through! (Part 2) The Ceiling!”

Bust Through, Part 1– Listen!

Have you ever felt as though you’re facing a wall… …too¬†high to get over, …too wide to get around, …too thick to push through?   How do you react when you hit that wall? For many of us, we simply give up.   …but maybe we shouldn’t.   God sometimes puts a message in ourContinue reading “Bust Through, Part 1– Listen!”

As You Wish!

If you’re a fan of a certain movie, the minute you read the title of this blog, you read it in a ‘certain’ way, and your mind went to the movie.   The movie? The Princess Bride. In that movie, Wesley–the ‘Farm boy’ falls in love with Buttercup–the Princess. Whenever Buttercup asks Wesley to doContinue reading “As You Wish!”