The Bride In the White Dress

Very few events are more powerful and moving than a beautiful wedding. That moment when the groom, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, the Minister, and all are in position and ready. They turn and look to the back of the church. The music changes…the bride’s parents stand…all in attendance stand…and they look back in anticipation. TheContinue reading “The Bride In the White Dress”

Living In the Light of Eternity

I remember that day very well. I heard on the radio on my way to the office that a plane had hit the World Trade Center in New York. ‘What a tragedy’, I thought, ‘I hope there weren’t many people involved’ (the initial radio report was that a “small plane” had hit). Terrible accident. IContinue reading “Living In the Light of Eternity”

What’s Going On?

Wow. What a month it’s been! Hurricane Harvey devastated large portions of Texas and Louisiana, and now Irma is getting ready to pummel Florida, after battering the Caribbean (now Hurricane Jose is up to a Category 4, following right behind Irma, but hopefully turning out to sea).  In addition to that, wildfires (which haven’t receivedContinue reading “What’s Going On?”

Moving Forward, Part 1: Throwing Out the Garbage

Many times in our lives we find ourselves ‘stuck’. We want to Move Forward in a particular area, but find that we are not able to. For you, it may be a weight-loss goal…for others,  it’s financial progress…for some, it may be a vocational or educational milestone you’re trying to reach. All of us, atContinue reading “Moving Forward, Part 1: Throwing Out the Garbage”

Continuing the Fight…for what is right!

The above clip, from Remember The Titans (GREAT movie about MUCH more than football), challenges the athletes at TC Williams High School in Virginia to ‘take a lesson from the dead’, and to conquer the battle with prejudice within…a battle that many gave their lives in during the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.Continue reading “Continuing the Fight…for what is right!”

Work It Out!

“So work out your salvation…” We know that ‘salvation’–that new life that God has given us, through faith in Jesus Christ–is only By His Grace (Ephesians 2:8-10, John 3:1-17)…so what, exactly, does it mean to ‘work it out’? Depending on the version of the Bible you’re reading, the Scriptures say it this way: “Work hardContinue reading “Work It Out!”

Remind Me, Father…

Heavenly Father, Remind me… That my future is in Your hands… That my significance comes from You… That You know the best plans for my best life… That I need not fear… That my finances are not my security… That my job is not my identity… That my calling comes from You… That You loveContinue reading “Remind Me, Father…”

It’s Personal!

What is the difference between a person who is ‘religious’ and one who is ‘born again’? There are actually many differences. The person who is ‘born again’ is one who has come to the place where they’ve realized that he or she is a sinner, and as a result, condemned before God…that, except for God’sContinue reading “It’s Personal!”

Overcoming Fear

FEAR: It’s one thing that pretty much every one of us has dealt with in our lives. For some, it’s fear of scary things, some have fear of snakes, others of things that go ‘bump’ in the night (especially if you’ve watched a scary movie. Those fears, however, are pretty trivial. They’re not the kindContinue reading “Overcoming Fear”

Our Response

“God’s kindness is intended to lead us to repentance.” (Romans 2:4) We often mistake the kindness of God to mean that it really doesn’t matter to Him what we do. We take His grace and mercy for granted, and assume that we can just ‘do what we want’ and we’ll be forgiven later. As theContinue reading “Our Response”