Valuing ‘Relevance’ more than ‘Truth’

Last week, former Pastor of Mars Hill church in Grandville, MI Rob Bell made headlines again by making some statements that many Christians find ‘concerning’, at best. This is nothing really new to Rob Bell…he has not been a stranger to controversy within Christian circles. One book he wrote recently, LOVE WINS postulates the theoryContinue reading “Valuing ‘Relevance’ more than ‘Truth’”

People of the Cross–In Christ Alone!

Last night I shared the news that 21 Christians from Egypt had been executed by ISIS thugs in the name of Islam. Honestly, I have been struggling with how to pray about this. I know to pray for the families of those who were killed, I know to pray for our brothers and sisters–in theContinue reading “People of the Cross–In Christ Alone!”

People Of The Cross

News reports are coming out of Libya today that 21 Christians captured in Egypt were marched  out, forced to kneel down together, and beheaded by Isis, in the name of Islam. The leader of this vile group called these men ‘People of the Cross‘ and threatened that “Safety for you Crusaders is something youContinue reading “People Of The Cross”

The Beauty and the Lies

The middle of February in Michigan…blah! Even when the snow does come to make everything look pretty, it’s still mid-February, and we are getting ready to move on! So here, in the middle of this bleak month we have a holiday that celebrates love, warmth, and relationships. Call it a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ if you will,Continue reading “The Beauty and the Lies”

Blessing in the Struggle (Matthew 5:11-12)

Jesus had just told all His new followers that God would bless them as they opened up to this ‘New Kind of Faith’, this new relationship with God, through Jesus himself. Now He has to turn a corner and let them know that this will cost! It may be hard! He changes the subject fromContinue reading “Blessing in the Struggle (Matthew 5:11-12)”

An New Kind of Faith–Matthew 5:1-10

It’s one of the most famous passages of Scripture: The Sermon on the Mount.  It has been parsed, studied, expounded upon…and with good reason: These are powerful words! Yet, I sometimes wonder if, in all our ‘studying’ we miss the bigger picture. Jesus, beginning His public ministry, goes to a place where He can beContinue reading “An New Kind of Faith–Matthew 5:1-10”

Matthew 4:1-11: The Test

Immediately after Jesus’ baptism, we read that “Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted” (John 4:1). We have to understand, however, that for all us us, GOD does not ‘lead us into temptation’, but rather, He ‘delivers us from evil’ (ala Matthew 6:13). For Jesus, though, there was something uniqueContinue reading “Matthew 4:1-11: The Test”

Matthew 3–Jesus takes over!

After John had been baptizing people, telling them to ‘repent’ and to ‘prepare for the Kingdom’, he said that “one is coming who’s sandals I am not fit to carry” (Mt. 3:11). He said that this One would bring judgement–especially on religious leaders and those who thought they were already righteous. John said “I baptizeContinue reading “Matthew 3–Jesus takes over!”

Matthew 3–Produce Fruit!

Repentance, as I shared yesterday, has to do with turning a new direction and starting a new way of life. From John’s perspective, he was encouraging people to repent and prepare…prepare for the coming Kingdom (which would be brought from Jesus, who was coming). However, when John looked up and saw Pharisees and Sadducees comingContinue reading “Matthew 3–Produce Fruit!”