The Shepherds’ Reaction

The Shepherds…we think we know their story. Lived on the fringes, outside of town, somewhat dirty and smelly. Probably considered ‘ceremonially unclean’ by the religious people of the day. Yet, it was to the shepherds that the angels appeared to announce Christ’s birth! What did they do? The scripture says that they said “Let’s goContinue reading “The Shepherds’ Reaction”

Don’t Sleep Through Christmas!

Do you ever wonder what it was like on the first Christmas night? The town of Bethlehem must have been unusually crowded. After all, it wasn’t that big, but with the Decree of Ceasar Augustus, everyone had to go to the town of his ancestors to register for a census, and that meant that MANYContinue reading “Don’t Sleep Through Christmas!”

Gone Commercial!

In the Christmas Classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, the main character, Charlie, is having a tough time figuring out what Christmas is all about. He gets very little help from his trusty dog, Snoopy, who finds a “Super-Colossal Lights and Decorating Contest’ to enter. Snoopy wants to win “money, money, money”, and who can blameContinue reading “Gone Commercial!”


I hope you had a great Halloween! I saw lots of great costumes, cute kids, and parents spending time with them–which is a good thing! Today is historically called “All Saints Day’ in the Church, and I was thinking about that recently. Let’s be honest…there are some ‘special days’ in the Church that seem questionable…likeContinue reading “We are SURROUNDED!”