Moving Forward, Part 1: Throwing Out the Garbage

Many times in our lives we find ourselves ‘stuck’. We want to Move Forward in a particular area, but find that we are not able to. For you, it may be a weight-loss goal…for others,  it’s financial progress…for some, it may be a vocational or educational milestone you’re trying to reach. All of us, at […]

Work It Out!

“So work out your salvation…” We know that ‘salvation’–that new life that God has given us, through faith in Jesus Christ–is only By His Grace (Ephesians 2:8-10, John 3:1-17)…so what, exactly, does it mean to ‘work it out’? Depending on the version of the Bible you’re reading, the Scriptures say it this way: “Work hard […]

Remind Me, Father…

Heavenly Father, Remind me… That my future is in Your hands… That my significance comes from You… That You know the best plans for my best life… That I need not fear… That my finances are not my security… That my job is not my identity… That my calling comes from You… That You love […]

Why’d You Choose THEM?

I’ve been reading through Genesis this summer. I really enjoy the story of God’s creation, His selection of Abraham, to make into a nation that would bless the entire world (through the person of Jesus). I enjoy reading how The Lord worked with the people…but I am often left asking, ‘God, why in the world […]

It’s Personal!

What is the difference between a person who is ‘religious’ and one who is ‘born again’? There are actually many differences. The person who is ‘born again’ is one who has come to the place where they’ve realized that he or she is a sinner, and as a result, condemned before God…that, except for God’s […]

Redeeming Your Time

525,600 For some of you, that number is recognizable (and, if so, you’ve probably already got a song going through your head about it.) For the rest of you, 525,600 is the number of minutes in a year 60x24x365=525,600. This number was made famous in the musical ‘RENT’, and it’s a great song! (Video below). […]