At Some Point…

Arrogance is never attractive.

Whether it’s in a Political Leader, a Business Leader, an Athlete, Actor, a Pastor…or anyone else, arrogance is repulsive.

Arrogance says: I’ve got it figured. I know it all. I have the best answers. I don’t need help. Just follow me.

Here’s the secret: Arrogance is ALWAYS incorrect.

There is no one on this earth that has ALL the answers, all the power, wisdom, etc.

We ALL need humility–even the most gifted and powerful of us.

Think of the current issues facing our world:

Coronavirus has spread and is a legitimate ‘Pandemic’. There is much we still don’t know about it, and we need to put the best minds from a variety of disciplines together to determine the best way to deal with it.

Our economies–interconnected like never before–are on the brink. Governments are writing checks with money they don’t have, and we’re all just happy to have the digital deposits. If one nation’s economy collapses, many others will follow.

Nature is violently showing us that we are not in control. The Great Lakes alone should remind everyone near Michigan of that fact. Add to that storms, wildfires, earthquakes, and so on…

What is the correct response to all this?

At the very least, it should be HUMILITY.

Realize that no, Mr., Miss, or Mrs. Politician: You do NOT control all of it.

No, Mr., Miss, or Mrs. Scientist, you do NOT have all the answers.

No, Mr., Miss or Mrs. Athlete, Actor, or Influencer, your opinion is NOT always the best, and

No, Mr., Miss, or Mrs. Faith Leader, you do NOT know everything that God is doing.

We ALL–each and every one of us–exist under the authority of the God of the Universe–the Creator and Sustainer of life.

At some point, we will come to realize that…and to welcome it. At some point, we will embrace Him, and realize that His wisdom, power, and authority should cause us to seek Him. His love toward us assures us that He wants us to seek Him…and that it’s for our good to do so!

I was reading in the book of Amos this morning, and God was ‘calling out’ the people of Israel–the people He had graciously chosen to be ‘His People’, through whom He would bless the entire world. These people ‘should have’ been humble before Him, yet…they became arrogant, Independent.

They began doing their ‘religious practices’ as a formality, rather than as an important way to connect with Him. They had forgotten their place, and had assumed, arrogantly, that they were powerful and secure.

What did the Lord do? After sending prophets to call them back, He raised the level of discipline–so that they would return.

“I gave you empty stomachs…yet you have not returned to me.” (4:6)

“I also withheld rain…yet you have not returned to me.”(4:7-8)

“Many times I struck your gardens and vineyards…yet you have not returned to me.”(4:9)

“I sent plagues among you…Yet you have not returned to me.” (4:10)

“I overthrew some of you…yet you have not returned to me.” (4:11)

“Therefore…prepare to meet your God” (4:12)

I wonder: Is this part of what God is allowing here, now?

I realize that we are not ancient Israel. I realize that we live in an age of grace. Yet, I also know that God is wanting to move the world to seek Him and acknowledge Him…and that much of our world seems to be trying to shut Him out more.

As James 4:10 says, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

I know that some would read these things and say ‘Who does He think He is? That’s not fair!’

Let me turn it around: What if God is doing those things (or allowing them) in order to bring us back where we need to be–in His presence, seeking His will? What if He is sending these things in order to remind us that we were created to know Him, and NOTHING works right when we live independently from Him.?

Later in that book, He advises them of their best, most appropriate…and wisest, response: Seek Him.

“Seek Me and live; do not go to Bethel, do not go to Gilgal, do not journey to Beersheba…Seek the Lord and Live!” (5:6-6).

He’s saying, in essence, ‘don’t just go through the motions, don’t seek ‘religious answers’, instead SEEK ME!

God has created us with a need for Him!

We need to humble ourselves before Him and seek Him.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that He holds the future! I know that He created you and me. He loves you and me. He knows what is best for you and me…and He wants to lead you and me.

Arrogance–telling our Maker and Creator ‘No, leave me alone, I don’t need You’ is not only incorrect, it’s foolish!

For a politician to come along–as some have done–and exalt himself and mankind over God is NOT what we need to do. Rather, we all–Politicians, Scientists, Actors, Pastors, and everyone–need to admit our need, humble ourselves, and seek Him.

The Lord is always drawing us to Himself. We were created to know Him and to love and follow Him. This is our ultimate good!

May we all have the wisdom and humility to SEEK HIM!

Published by Pastor Dave Johnson

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Lori, Proud Father to 6 great kids, Co-Pastor of Kalamazoo Community Church. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan.

One thought on “At Some Point…

  1. I’ve had a couple of setbacks, and these words help me gain perspective and hope, but mainly humility. It’s a bit easier to reach out to God when my hands are empty. Thank you Pastor Dave!

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