What Can We Count On?

Happy New Year!

Happy New DECADE!

Happy 2020!

When I think back to what changed in the last decade, I am amazed. Cultural changes, technological changes, political changes…

On a personal level, there have been family changes, budgetary changes, professional changes…

Things change. That is life.

Going into a new year and a new decade, we can say a few things for sure: 1

) There will be change.

2) God will still be faithful.

3) I have a choice of which one I focus on.

Change will happen…we can not even imagine what our lives will be like in 2030 (If we’re still here!), but we know that it will be different. Some of those changes will be welcome, and some will be resisted. There will be turmoil in the world, and there will ample opportunity for anxiety.

However, there will also be some things that don’t change: The importance of family and relationships, for example. Even more: The Faithfulness of God.

God’s character is the same: James 1:17: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

“Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

The faithfulness of God is one thing that we can count on, no matter what changes and turmoil are happening around us.

Therefore, our choice is this: What will we focus on?

Granted, we have to live our lives in this tumultuous, changing world–we can’t simply ignore it and hide in a hole. However, when it comes to our sense of ‘security’ and ‘peace’, it is crucial that we find that in the faithfulness and goodness of God, as shown in Jesus–not in the circumstances of our world.

God has been faithful. God has been good. By His grace, I intend to find my identity, my security, and my purpose in Him this year!

My prayer for my family, friends and for all, is that you would seek Him and find His love and faithfulness, letting Him be your Foundation.

Published by Pastor Dave Johnson

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Lori, Proud Father to 6 great kids, Co-Pastor of Kalamazoo Community Church. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan.

2 thoughts on “What Can We Count On?

  1. Thank you Dave! Happy New Year! The reminder is crucial. Jesus, our only hope. God our only hope in changing times. I certainly hope my vision is closer to 20/20 this year in my sphere of influence!

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