Keep Pointing!

As I look around at our culture and the challenges that I see, I have to admit that it becomes increasingly difficult to know what to do…how to make a positive impact. Political turmoil, corruption, and blatant hypocrisy–from all sides; moral degradation to the point that all social mores are crumbling around us; selfishness andContinue reading “Keep Pointing!”

Saying “Yes” to the Good Stuff

What is the impression ‘Christianity‘ has in your mind? For many, it’s about ‘Saying ‘No’ to things…lots of things’. From the outside, it may appear that the Christian faith means ‘Not having any fun’, or ‘Always being serious’. I can understand that impression–after all, many of us who claim to be Christians do seem toContinue reading “Saying “Yes” to the Good Stuff”

Learning to Blush Again

Have you ever known someone who blushes easily? Maybe they don’t like to be the center of attention, or they get embarrassed when given a compliment. In many ways, this can seem ‘sweet’ and is charming. Some people blush when something private is brought up in public, or when lines of decency are crossed. TheseContinue reading “Learning to Blush Again”