Becoming Stronger Than Others’ Opinions

One thing we hear a lot about these days–with justification–is bullying. Especially as school starts up again, I’m sure we’ll see this in the news and on social media. Certainly, bullying and harassing others is wrong, and should be strongly condemned. This behavior is never acceptable, and must not be minimized. As adults, we needContinue reading “Becoming Stronger Than Others’ Opinions”

Rise Above!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or an NFL Football Coach–nod to Matt Patricia of the #DetroitLions) to see that there is a LOT of negativity, drama, and genuine conflict in our culture right now. Unfortunately, this had led to even more mud-slinging, name-calling, and impugning the character of those we disagree with. As always,Continue reading “Rise Above!”

You DO Have What It Takes…If…

Most of us know that our world is a mess. Politics…violence…poverty…disease…racism… There are no shortage of ‘issues’ to weigh us down and overwhelm us. It can leave us thinking that there’s nothing we can do, individually. On the one hand, that’s correct. After all, one single person choosing to live differently is a ‘drop inContinue reading “You DO Have What It Takes…If…”

“Do Something!”

This weekend was a tragic one in the US. Two mass shootings–in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, have left 29 killed, scores injured, and all of us traumatized on some level. During a speech in Dayton yesterday by a local politician, she was shouted down by people in the crowd chanting “DO Something”! ItContinue reading ““Do Something!””