Dream: Flirting With Demons

Flirting with Demons     3/18/19 I’ve told you before that I have VERY vivid and detailed dreams. Oftentimes they seem to be trivial and interesting, but inconsequential. Not last night! I dreamed that two friends and I (I don’t recognize their faces, but knew they were friends) and I were hanging out in a part ofContinue reading “Dream: Flirting With Demons”

Dream #2: Judge Not?

Judge Not…3/14/19 As I stated yesterday, I have VIVID, detailed dreams. The night before last I had 2…I described one in this post: https://pastordajo.com/2019/03/14/two-dreams-1-sparrow-and-spider/. Here’s my second one: In my dream I was at church, talking with a group of people after the service in the lobby. One of the young men—a high schooler—began toContinue reading “Dream #2: Judge Not?”

Two Dreams: 1) Sparrow and Spider

When I have dreams, I have VIVID, movie-quality dreams. These things are crazy in their color, detail. Last night I had (at least) 2 very vivid dreams. Let me tell you about the first one: The Birds and the Spider. At the end, go ahead…try your hand at ‘the meaning’ behind the dream. Sparrow andContinue reading “Two Dreams: 1) Sparrow and Spider”

I Want, I Deserve, I Need, I DEMAND!

Maybe you’ve noticed. Over the past several years, a mindset has taken hold. This mindset is becoming pervasive in our culture. The speed at which it is spreading is breathtaking, but in many ways, it’s as old as humanity. It is a mindset that says ‘I want…’. It’s a philosophy which encourages the individual toContinue reading “I Want, I Deserve, I Need, I DEMAND!”