The SAME Power?

The resurrection of Jesus was The event that changed history! Many don’t yet understand or believe that, but they will. For those of us who do, however, I posed a question yesterday that, I hope, God has been rattling us with: IF you believe that Jesus has risen, AND you have committed yourself to aContinue reading “The SAME Power?”

What’s Next?

Christians and Christian churches around the world just celebrated the most important weekend of the year as we remembered Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. These are two of the three most important days in Christianity (the other, of course, being the day of Jesus’ birth). Here at Kalamazoo Community Church, as in millions of churches,Continue reading “What’s Next?”

Go With The Flow!

There’s just something special about the sights and sounds of a flowing stream…peaceful, tranquil, refreshing…personally, I could lose myself just watching the flow. …and Jesus wants us to! So far in this series, I’ve written about our Thirst, the ‘Broken Cisterns’ we try to dig for ourselves to meet our own needs, and the LivingContinue reading “Go With The Flow!”

Quench Your Thirst!

We all know what it’s like to be thirsty–really thirsty. Maybe you’ve worked in the sun all day, maybe you’ve had a hard run or workout, or you’ve simply been busy all day and away from a source. In either case, very few things are better than a long drink of fresh, cool water. HavingContinue reading “Quench Your Thirst!”