Where Are The Mighty Ones?

What does it take to be ‘Mighty’? I’m not talking about muscles, weights, etc. I’m talking Eternally ‘mighty’. Is there anything that would make God think of us as ‘mighty’? In 2 Samuel 23, we read that King David had some ‘Mighty Men’ with him. These men were great warriors, loyal supporters of the King, […]

A Pleasant Surprise

Who do you listen to? Who’s direction and wisdom do you seek? You may not be surprised to know that one of Voices I try to ‘hear’ is that of God. I ‘listen’ to Him as I read His Word, as I pray and seek to ‘tune in’ to the voice of the Holy Spirit. […]

Take A Bow!

Bowing…when do we do it? Usually, when we’re being applauded for a job well done. Maybe at the end of a play or performance of some kind…an awards dinner, perhaps. Most of us don’t get to ‘Take A Bow’ very often in life…at least, not in that sense. However, ALL of us ‘bow’ every day.  […]

Salvation Without Repentance?

Salvation…an important word in the Church, and in Faith–especially Christianity. As we enter the season of Lent–the 40 days of preparation to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it’s important that we understand it. So, what does it mean? According to Dictionary.com, Salvation: noun 1. the act of saving or protecting from […]