Did You Hear a Whisper?

It’s Christmas.

A time of year when a whole lot of people get close…close to getting a taste, or catching a whiff, or hearing a whisper.

A taste? A Whiff? A Whisper…Of What, you ask?

Before I answer, let me share what I mean…

This time of year, we are more likely to give spare change (or even more) to a guy ringing a bell, standing next to a bucket.

We’re also more likely to tip our ‘Waitstaff’ more generously. We give donations to causes, families and individuals that we would not normally give to.

That’s a taste.

We listen to music that we wouldn’t normally listen to–even old stuff. We watch movies from a bygone era which bring up memories for us. Memories of a simpler time, a time that seemed less negative.

We put up decorations, and wear gaudy Christmas sweaters…we greet people on the street with a much more friendly tone than we normally would. We send cards and notes to people we haven’t communicated with in a while, and we commit to doing better at staying in touch.We make time to invest in relationships. We spend more time with family and friends. We forgive offenses and overlook differences a little more easily. 

We make time for things that enrich life. Sure, we stress about our parties, programs and ‘to-do lists’, but we really wouldn’t have it any other way. We love those people, and are reminded at a time like this.

That’s a whiff.

If we’re willing, we listen a little bit more to a Message…THE Message, in fact. The message about love–the Love of a Creator toward His Creation, all of whom have turned their backs on Him. We listen to the story. We hear the words. We sing songs about the event.

That’s a whisper.

A taste, a whiff, a whisper…of what?

Of heaven. That’s right, heaven.

Heaven–where God shows His love, where eternal life reigns, where all things are in their right places, with God being worshiped and adored, given the glory He deserves.

That’s why we can only get a ‘taste’…a ‘whiff’…a ‘whisper’ at Christmas.

Christmas softens our hearts to what is Real, Eternal and True.

It’s a time when the ‘important’ finally overcomes the ‘loud, urgent, crisis’, and we hear whispers…from God…about a love that is so great, we can’t even imagine it. If we listen, we hear His whispers about a life where sins are forgiven and we are graciously adopted into the Family, where hearts and minds are changed into something they would never be, and the hear-and-now is looked at in context of how it relates to Eternity. The whispers are about heaven, to be sure…but they’re also about a life that can be lived now!

The whiffs…the tastes…the whispers…they point to a PROMISE.

The Promise is LIFE!

Eternal Life, Free Life, and Full Life!

Eternal Life with God in heaven after we leave this earth. An eternity with no pain, illness, sin, regret, evil…

Free Life without fear, without threats, without anger and division. Given, not earned. Received, not achieved…

Full Life--in the here and now! A life where God directs out of His love, we follow out of our love, and we reap the benefits! 

THIS is why Christmas warms our hearts and stirs our souls–because it is a Taste, a Whiff, and a Whisper of so much more!

CS Lewis wrote, “If I have found a desire within myself that no experience in this world can satisfy; the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

The promise is LIFE…and the reason that you get a ‘Taste’, a ‘Whiff’ and a ‘Whisper’ at Christmas is because something inside you knows it to be real. 

Receive it today, through faith in Jesus Christ…and get the whole thing!




Published by Pastor Dave Johnson

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Lori, Proud Father to 6 great kids, Co-Pastor of Kalamazoo Community Church. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan.

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