The Power of Gratitude

As we head into our Thanksgiving weekend here in America, I have a question for you: Why should You be thankful? Seriously–I’m not looking for the ‘churchy’ answer here, I’m really asking you to consider: Why are YOU thankful this year? It seems to me that our culture has become a cesspool of negativity, andContinue reading “The Power of Gratitude”

#RTB, yes…but also #STL

If you’re from Kalamazoo, or anywhere near western Michigan, or if you’re a WMU Bronco, or even if you watch ESPN and pay attention to national football news, you know that there’s something special going on with the WMU Broncos this year.  WMU, under coach PJ Fleck, is 10-0 for the first time in schoolContinue reading “#RTB, yes…but also #STL”

I Cannot Vote for EITHER Candidate!

I just can’t do it. I can’t support either of these two individuals. Both of them are SERIOUSLY flawed–personally and professionally–and I can’t stand the idea that either of them will be leading our nation for the next 4 years. I cannot personally align myself with a narcissistic, egotistical, self-centered, brute of a man, butContinue reading “I Cannot Vote for EITHER Candidate!”

‘Issues’, Grace, and the Love of God

I admit it: I have issues. I’m certain this is not a surprise to anyone, especially my family, but I need to say it ‘out loud’ and confess: I have things in my life which really trip me up and leave me feeling regret, guilt, and a desire to ‘do better’ in the future. TruthContinue reading “‘Issues’, Grace, and the Love of God”