Fill It Up!

Have you ever noticed how much nicer you fell after you’ve filled your gas tank full? Gas prices being where they are, I have been able to have that ‘satisfied’ feeling a lot more often. There was a time, just a couple of years ago, when gas prices were at about $4.00 per gallon. We […]


We live in the United States of America…but it seems that there’s more ‘division’ than ever before! We are a nation of ‘Us vs. Them’s’, and we each tend to think that we are the ‘right’ ones, and those who disagree with us are simply wrong. You name the issue: Global Warming/Climate Change; Economic Strategy; […]


Have you ever wished you could go back and start something over? Maybe a diet, a budget, an exercise program…maybe a conversation? If only you could call a ‘time out’, and go back to the beginning. Then, knowing what you now know, you’d start better. You’d be more consistent, more committed, more faithful, more attentive. […]

To Know Him Better

What is it that you pray about? If you’re like most people (including myself), you pray about specific concerns or issues in your life, in the lives of those you love, or in this world. You ask God to ‘come through’ in some way for you. Very often, these are ‘legitimate’ prayers. God wants us […]