What Does GOD Say About You?

Have you ever experienced this: Something happens in your life–a setback, a reminder of a setback, or even a thought about a potential problem, and suddenly you find yourself on a ‘downward spiral’ of negative thoughts and self-loathing? In very little time you can go from a ‘normal’ day to a battle within your mind,Continue reading “What Does GOD Say About You?”

How to Help a Friend (When they’re destroying themselves)

Have you ever had this experience: A lifelong friend–one you love, one you’ve shared great memories with, one you have ‘done life’ with–starts into a ‘downward spiral’ of bad decisions, self-destructive behavior and foolishness? You know that, if something doesn’t happen, that friend will ‘crash and burn’, and it will be ugly. They’ll probably takeContinue reading “How to Help a Friend (When they’re destroying themselves)”

What’s In a Name?

Names…they can mean a lot. My parents–who had to come up with a LOT of names (I’m one of 13 kids)–always tried to name us after Biblical characters. They took the names seriously. My name–David Matthew Joseph Johnson (‘Joseph’ was my Confirmation name) means “Beloved, Gift of God, Increasing Faith, God is Gracious”. Now that’sContinue reading “What’s In a Name?”

The Christian and the Politician

America. Land of the free, home of the brave. Great Land of liberty, of Thee I sing. God, bless America. In the past, it has been possible–even encouraged–to be a Christian–a biblical, evangelical, committed Christian–in America. In the relatively recent past, even those Americans who were not ‘overtly religious’ were open to and welcomed theContinue reading “The Christian and the Politician”