Marching Backward

Much of our society likes to think that we are ‘evolving’ as a culture…moving forward in progress. To be sure, that is true in some ways. Generally speaking, most people accept individuals now with fewer prejudices, and we are usually more tolerant of differences. In fact, I have seen what I believe to be aContinue reading “Marching Backward”


Freedom: Something we all love and long for. A promise which men and women have given their lives for throughout history. Picture William Wallace, having spent his life to secure the freedom and independence of Scotland, now being killed for it. He is given the choice to cry for ‘Mercy’, and die a quick death,Continue reading “Freedom!”

There are None so Blind…

…as those who Will Not See! In his book, The Magician’s Nephew,┬áC.S.Lewis describes the process through which Aslan (the Lion who represents God) creates the world of Narnia. At the very dawn of Narnia’s creation, Aslan sings a song…a beautiful song which brought out all of the elements of Narnia. The light, bright notes broughtContinue reading “There are None so Blind…”