One Major Solution…

After violence like happened here in Kalamazoo last weekend, we look for answers and consider ‘What must be done’ to change things so that this stops happening. You can read my earlier Blogs about this through the links at the end of this one, but yesterday I talked about the ‘Human’ solution–relationships. Real, deep, genuine […]

What Can We DO?!

After violence such as that which happened here in Kalamazoo this past weekend, we tend to grapple with 1) How do we process it (part 1 of this series), and 2) WHY did it happen (part 2), but then, quite naturally, we get to this question: What can we DO, darn it, to make sure […]


WHY? Whenever a tragedy happens, we have a natural desire to search for answers. We want to know “Why?”. Especially when there is a tragedy that is man-caused, we want to know…we demand to know…WHY? In the case of the Kalamazoo shootings this week, many are asking that question: Why? There is much speculation…was there […]

A Terrible Series of Events…

Well, if you’re from Kalamazoo or Southwest Michigan you know what our community has been going through since this Saturday evening. A gunman shot people in 3 different, apparently random areas on Saturday evening/night, wounding 2 and killing 6. It was a terrible series of events that will impact our community, and the communities of […]

The Secret?

I heard on the radio (WCSG) this morning about Maury and Helen Goosenberg, the longest-married couple in the US! They are 102 and 100, respectively, and have been married 80 years! When Helen was asked what the secret to their marriage was, she simply answered: Humor. The radio hosts challenged listeners to think about how […]

Be Still!

“Be still and know that I am God…” (Psalm 46:10) How hard it is to simply ‘Be Still’! Maybe your world seems to be crumbling around you–your job, your family, your marriage, your health, your money…there are no shortage of things that can stress us out, keep us up at night and lead to anxiety […]