Spend enough time on the Foundation, and the rest will be strong too!


The construction of One World Trade Center was like that of any other modern-day skyscraper that has been constructed recently, with exception to the memorial character it holds. The methods used for constructing such a magnificent structure (1,776 ft) are similar in nature to the way that it has been done for ages now; starting from the ground.

It took a whole year from the time of OneWTC’s groundbreaking (Nov. 18, 2006) for the completion of it’s foundation (Dec. 2007) once construction had accelerated. When the next year came around, in January of 2008, two large construction cranes were moved into the construction site of OneWTC. By March of 2008, steel construction of the tower had finally reached a height of 70 feet.

Despite the many advancements that the construction industry has made since the stone-laying age, the importance of strong foundations and their proper formation have remained, if not…

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