You Do What YOU Can Do!

Living at peace can be hard. Add other people to your life, and it gets really tough! As I mentioned last Sunday in church, conflict is everywhere! We usually don’t have to go looking for conflict…it finds us fairly easily. There are many ways it gets started…someone says something you take offense to, someone takes […]


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The construction of One World Trade Center was like that of any other modern-day skyscraper that has been constructed recently, with exception to the memorial character it holds. The methods used for constructing such a magnificent structure (1,776 ft) are similar in nature to the way that it has been done…

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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We all have those weird, random obsessions that we’ve had since we were little kids, those interests that cause people to look at us and wonder what happened to us in our childhood that caused us to care so much about THAT. Bugs, art, rocks, these are all examples of ¬†interests…

Are You POSITIVE About That?

You know the kind… The person who’s always positive. The one who always seems happy, and seems to try to take the ‘up’ side of issues. Those people. Makes you wonder what it is about them–they’re weird! Yet…let’s think about that for a minute. What do they do that we dislike? They try to respond […]

Destination: Unknown?

As we enter fully into our New Year of 2015, oops–2016, many of us are already into our ‘routines’. Any hope of a ‘new leaf’ being turned over is, for all practical purposes, gone. Any lessons to reflect on and learn from last year and take into this year may already be forgotten, because of […]