December 23                  Mary’s Example Pastor Dave


A young woman, betrothed to Joseph.

A righteous young woman who wanted to serve God.

She was looking forward to marriage and a family, growing and raising her children with Joseph in their village of Nazareth.

Suddenly she sees a vision. In fact, an angel comes to her and gives her amazing, disturbing news: She was pregnant and would give birth to a son. He was the Son of God, and the pregnancy was a miracle of the Holy Spirit! He would save His people from their sins!

At that moment, she had a choice to make:  How was she to respond?

She wanted to serve the God she loved, but she knew that if she said ‘yes’, everything she looked forward to—everything she knew—would crumble around her. Joseph could not believe her, and would most likely divorce her publicly; her parents would have to keep her (if she survived) in their home and they wouldn’t believe her either; her friends—who were preparing to celebrate her marriage with her—would not believe her (how could they?), and would disown her.

Yet…she knew that her ultimate choice was to follow God.

How did this young woman respond?

Luke 1:38: “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.”

That’s it?!

Not ‘give me some time to think about it’, not ‘wait—can you give me a sign’, nothing but bold, confident and humble faith.

Pretty amazing!


Mary stood boldly with God, despite all the risks. She could not have known that God would send the angel to appear to Joseph and encourage him to go through with the marriage. All she knew was that God had called her, and she was ready to follow His will, putting her life on the line to do so.


What an example for us!


Read and Discuss:

Read: Luke 1:26-38

Why do you suppose God sent His son to earth in this way?

Why do you think Mary said ‘yes’?

Have you ever had to follow God in  a ‘risky’ way—that would cost you? How did that go?


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