Mounting evidence suggests President Obama preparing to “divorce” Israel. What are the implications if he does?

Serious times call for serious truth, and serious prayer. Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog (Central Israel) — Is a divorce coming between the President of the United States and the State of Israel? Once, it would have been almost preposterous even to ask such a question. Today, however, it feels like it’s a matter of “when,” not “if” Mr. ObamaContinue reading “Mounting evidence suggests President Obama preparing to “divorce” Israel. What are the implications if he does?”

Can’t Complain…

“How are you?” That phrase is used many times per day in polite conversation. It’s a greeting that many say, without even thinking. What are the appropriate responses? “Fine”, “Well”, or…one a lot of people use, “Can’t Complain”. This morning when I was at my favorite coffee shop (Bigby Coffee on Stadium Drive), I asked theContinue reading “Can’t Complain…”

Invest Wisely! (Matthew 6:19-24)

Do you have financial goals? Are you doing anything with your money?   Many people in our culture are blessed to have Retirement Plans, whether they’re 401-k’s or 403-b’s, Roth IRA’s, etc. Most are looking toward ‘retirement’. They are hoping to be able to travel or simply enjoy  ‘The Good Life’. …but how much isContinue reading “Invest Wisely! (Matthew 6:19-24)”

What are YOU Looking at?

Have you ever been ‘locked in a good stare’? Your brain may be elsewhere, but you’re staring at…nothing in particular? My kids and I were talking about that the other day, and how…occasionally…the object that you’re absent-mindedly staring at…is another person! When you finally realize it, you may have already locked eyes…how awkward and embarrassing!Continue reading “What are YOU Looking at?”

Show Off! (Matthew 6:1-18)

When you’re a kid and you learn something new, what do you do? You show off! Riding a bike for the first time without training wheels, learning to ride a bike with no hands, learning to dunk the basketball…all are things we ‘show off’! (ok, that last one is just ‘theoretical’–I wouldn’t know.) But whenContinue reading “Show Off! (Matthew 6:1-18)”

The Law…and More! (Matthew 5:17–48)

When He came on the scene, Jesus taught a refreshingly different approach to, and understanding of, God the Father. He taught that God wanted a relationship with His creation! He loves us and wants us to come to Him in faith and trust. There were many around at that time–religious leaders, especially– who did notContinue reading “The Law…and More! (Matthew 5:17–48)”