Getting Stuck, Moving Forward

Maybe you should have known better. Maybe you should have listened when people said ‘don’t go out! Don’t drive in that stuff!’ But…there you are, stuck in a snowdrift that you didn’t see until it was too late. …and you thought your 4-Wheel-Drive SUV could not get stuck! So, you make the humiliating phone callContinue reading “Getting Stuck, Moving Forward”

New Beginnings…Don’t Blink!

Beginnings are great. The start of a new book or movie, the start of a new job, a new marriage. They’re great because they represent freshness…possibility…potential. A New Year is no different. TODAY you and I have an opportunity. To a large extent, we get to choose what 2014 will be like. Please note–I didContinue reading “New Beginnings…Don’t Blink!”