Peace On Earth

The angels said it “Glory to God in the Highest, and Peace on Earth, good will to men on whom His favor rests”. (Luke 2:14) They said that this ‘Peace’ was bound together with the birth of the Savior, Christ the Lord…Jesus. So…that was 2,000+ years ago…where is the Peace On Earth?   There seems […]


When He came, Jesus brought several things to this world: Peace Meaning Direction Healing Redemption Power …and because He offers us of all these things, He also brings us JOY! JOY–(According to the World English Dictionary) A deep feeling or condition of contentment or happiness. The Source of happiness and contentment An outward show of […]

Come and Worship!

Think of all the main people involved in the Christmas story–Mary, Joseph, The Wise Men and Shepherds. What did they DO when presented with the message of Jesus’ birth? In one way or another, they worshiped! They submitted themselves to God! They bowed down! In many ways, that is really the only reasonable response.   […]

O Holy Night

Some Christmas hymns have origins that are incredible, and it seems that the ‘odds’ were stacked against their survival…yet, we still sing them today. “O Holy Night” is one of those hymns. Written in 1847 by an agnostic poet friend of a French priest, it was first a poem. For his source material, the poet […]

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks

Imagine the darkest place you’ve ever been–away from streetlights, building and cars. Maybe you’ve gone camping or to a cabin… Now imagine that dark stillness is suddenly shattered by a bright light, and the light turns out to be an ANGEL announcing something important…to YOU!   That was the experience of the Shepherds on the […]

The Journey

Mary and Joseph, two young people on the cusp of a new life together, were invited to join the adventure of living for God! The Journey they took was, at times, long and hard. They had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem–about 100 miles, walking (Mary probably rode a donkey–which was no picnic, being 8 […]

Joseph’s Story

Joseph. Not much is known about him, but he must have been someone ‘special’ too. Special, in that the Lord knew he would listen and follow. The Lord knew that he was a righteous man. The Lord knew he would follow through. What do we know about him? He was ‘righteous’ (Matthew 1:19) He was […]