Who Defines You?

The question above may seem incorrect. After all, No one else ‘defines’ me…do they? No one else gets to tell me what I’m ‘about‘, or what I ‘mean‘. No one else gets to determine my worth or my ‘reason for living‘…do they? Or do they? Think of the number of people who try to ‘define’ […]

Celebrate and Dream

Time. It marches onward, whether we’re ready or not. Here we are at the end of 2017, and headed into 2018. For some, the very fact that you are still here today–in spite of what you’ve gone through in the past year–is a miracle! For others, you are just ‘ready’ to flip that calendar, and […]

Don’t Sleep Through Christmas!

Christmas is a busy time of year! In our culture, many celebrate Christ-mas–the coming of the Christ (Messiah) by filling our schedules with activities and traditions. Many of these are rich, beautiful moments and produce lasting memories. The pace and pressure, however, can be overwhelming, and it can tire us out! On Christmas morning, after […]

Peace On Earth…?

Peace…the elusive desire that we all have. We long for peace within, peace in our world, and…for those who are believers…peace with God. Yet, it seems ever-elusive. At times, we sense it getting close, only to find it slip away. Like a mist, it vanishes into the air. Like a liquid, it slips through our […]

Are You a Pioneer, or a Settler?

For most of us, one day is very much like the next, and today is very much like yesterday. Things continue, for the most part, very ‘steadily’ from one week to the next. At times, if we’re not careful, we can get into a rut. The ‘sameness’ can feel like a prison…IF we have no […]

Whatever You Want!

The 1980’s hit movie, The Princess Bride has made a bit of a comeback. In this movie, ‘Westley’ (the Farm Boy) loves ‘Buttercup’ (the Princess), and he shows her by doing whatever she wants, and using the key phrase, “As You Wish”. Whatever Buttercup wants, Wesley does…and it’s a great story! However, when a person–say, […]

What is ‘Rest’?

This past Sunday here at Kalamazoo Community Church, Pastor Jeff challenged me. I’m not sure he intended to, but he did. He brought up an idea that is foreign to our culture, our way of life…and my own lifestyle. The idea: Rest. He said that the ‘Sabbath’–a day of rest…is commanded by God. It’s put […]